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Our Mission
First National Capital, Inc. is a national lender committed to your customers. Whether you are a business making an equipment purchase or a vendor looking for a source to provide financing for your customer, FNC is the answer. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We have a staff of seasoned professionals ready to offer a responsive, smooth approval process in combination with our competitive rates. This cornerstone of our business has made many of our "new" customers "a customer for life."

First National Capital, Inc., headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania began as a subsidiary of a tank truck manufacturing facility. As our business expanded through referrals from what has now become a large network of various tank suppliers, we began offering our services to many industries. Please see the list of equipment categories we currently finance.

First National Capital, Inc. has become a leader in the equipment finance industry.

Why is FNC superior?

• We are a lender
Many finance companies are brokers, not lenders. These companies will submit your request to various lenders which can take time and, in addition, create an added cost to you. FNC is a lender. All credit decisions are handled by our team of professionals making the application process a fast and easy one. Furthermore, FNC services your account throughout the lifetime of the contract.

• Creative Lending Capabilities
FNC has developed many programs to fit a particular business or industry. For example, a heating oil delivery company may have a tight cash flow in the summer months. FNC has developed a payment structure where monthly payments can be reduced during the slow summer months and higher monthly payments in the busy winter months. Please see our list of diverse payment options in our creative financing page.

• We are an established, reputable business
FNC has been in the business of equipment financing for thirty years. Our longevity, knowledge, and reputation has led us to develop numerous successful relationships with customers and vendors over the years. FNC has the experience to help your business succeed.

As business owners and managers, having access to the tools you need can make the difference between survival and SUCCESS. We finance a broad variety of equipment for many industries. If there is equipment you need to get the job done, contact us today and we will help you get it! Check out the list...


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